Sandra Cooper, RN, LPCMH

Licensed Professional Counselor
6 years in practice
Accepted Insurance Plans:
  • Highmark BCBS of DE
  • Independence BCBS
  • CareFirst BCBS
  • Coventry - MH Net
  • Aetna
  • BCBS Health Options
  • Tricare North
  • Anthem BCBS

About Sandra Cooper, RN, LPCMH

I graduated from West Chester University, in Pennsylvania, with Bachelors Degrees in Public Health and Nursing. At a young age I enlisted in the Army National Guard. I was privileged to be commissioned as an Officer, following my graduation. This time in the military provided me with an understanding of the unique culture and challenges of the armed forces, and the different aspects of life as an Enlisted Person, and a Commissioned Officer.

As an RN, I have worked in hospice care with those struggling with end of life issues, whether their own or that of their loved ones. I have also spent extensive time with those struggling day to day with chronic medical conditions. In working with this courageous population, I have come to better understand the body-mind connection and the impact that psychological issues can have on our health, well-being and ultimately, our peace. It was this work that led me into the field of mental health and psychotherapy.

I obtained my Master's in Pastoral Counseling from Neumann University. I have worked in various psychiatric settings with children, adults and families of various cultures, backgrounds and struggles. I have had the privilege of being with others as they attempted to make sense of loss and grief and the many ways that it presents itself. Sometimes the road can feel intolerable and confusing and we need support and guidance as we attempt to make sense of our experiences and feelings.

As it usually goes, those experiences provide opportunities for growth; nonetheless, they can also create confusion and present us with questions and doubts. It was when I found myself in the position that you may now be considering, that I made the choice to initiate therapy. Through the process, I was able to gain clarity and make peace with myself. Exploring my own experiences and challenges, learning how those experiences harmed my sense of self and finally healing it, has been integral in my growth. Navigating life and relationships became much less complicated as a result. I look forward to assisting you to do the same. I encourage you to explore the challenges you may be facing in an open, accepting and supportive environment.

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Hi Fort Worth, I applaud your awareness and insight into the relationship. Most of us come into relationships carrying old baggage and although you can't change her, what you can do, is change yourself. We can usually begin to understand ourselves better in the context of our own upbringings... more

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