Robin Ahlgren

Caregiving can pose many challenges
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
4 years in practice

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Are you caring for a chronically ill spouse? Are you a member of the "Sandwich Generation" caring for aging parents? I have worked with the aging population in various capacities throughout my career. On October 7th I will be offering a care giver self preservation workshop. You can find the details on my website. I currently work out of the office of Granddaughter's Promise. I work with this agency to assist families find appropraite and safe living options and offer private counseling services to help individuals adjust to new surroundings and assist family members in coping with this life challenge.

In addition, I offer educational services to family members who would like to better communicate and connect with a loved one with Alzheimer's.

Whether you need assistance in finding a living option for a loved one, or need to gain some skills to better cope with your caregivng role, I am here to provide support and assistance in coping with your circumstances.

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From your initial description, I would say that your mother is "Maloriented". In this stage of Alzheimer's individuals tend to be blaming and difficult to deal with. They may often hide or throw things away and then blame family members for this. In addition, if they are incontinent, they may blame... more

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