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After experiencing sexual trauma, it can feel like nothing makes sense. Your body is reacting with anxiety, exhaustion, and pain (or feeling nothing at all). You feel like everyone has an idea how you ‘should’ act. You might even feel like you have to offer ‘proof’ by telling your story or letting others see your pain. There may be a part of you that wonders if it’s your fault (believe me, it's not). You wish you could just forget it and feel good again. You feel so helpless, vulnerable, unsafe.

You want to trust yourself- to hear your intuition again instead of second-guessing. You’ve played out alternative scenarios, and gotten stuck thinking about how different choices *might* have changed things. You want reassurance that your experience and responses are valid…that they’re real. You want to focus on YOU instead of spending your energy on fear.

You’ve been told you should face your trauma and work through it…as if there’s a RIGHT way to heal. What you disclose (or not) is your choice. I want you to heal in YOUR way so I use a combination of art therapy, counseling, and a trauma therapy called EMDR. Click on my website link to see how I can support you in a free 30-minute video 'mini-session'.

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Yes, many people cry during therapy! Crying can offer a type of release as your body reacts to the input of your autonomic nervous system. Some people release endorphins when they cry, which can make you feel better than before. If you're concerned about how much you cry during therapy, it might... more

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