Michelle Barnhart

Phoenix Rising Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor
17 years in practice
  • Suite E
  • 2535 Madison St.
  • Clarksville,TN

About Michelle Barnhart

My specialization of practice includes supervision, trauma, reactive attachment, and addiction.

While working in outpatient settings and residential treatment facilities, I gained 17 years of varied experience with adults, children, and teens with mental health concerns, trauma, reactive attachment behaviors, and addiction.I am EMDR trained and use sand play in trauma work.

Counseling for me is a way to grow and learn from the past so that the future can be bright and full of opportunity.

Answers  (1)

No, there are never too many issues to address in counseling.  Therapy would begin by prioritizing what you feel needs to be addressed first.  As one area improves, such as processing history of abuse you are likely to see improvement in other areas of your life...like sleeping better. 

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