Melissa Valentina

Dr. Melissa Valentina, Hypnotherapist
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Accepted Insurance Plans:
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  • Suite 203
  • 2419 E. Commercial Blvd.
  • Ft. Lauderdale,FL

About Melissa Valentina

Are you stressed or overwhelmed? Lose yourself somewhere along the way? suffering through stress and challenges can be crippling. Even the strongest of us sometimes need help navigating our course through life.

Counseling can provide valuable support and introduce skills to help you move beyond just surviving to thriving and finding your path to a brighter outlook.

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Crying in therapy is a natural response, a relief to what you are going through. It is an expression of emotions, which is why you are going to therapy - to express yourself in a safe, nonjudgmental space. Rather than trying to stop crying, sit on the couch with it until it is done and you have... more

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