Meira Alon

Child, Trauma & Veteran Therapist
Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
2 years in practice
Accepted Insurance Plans:
  • Allegiance
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • First
  • Choice Health
  • Montana Health Co-Op
  • Optum
  • Pacific Source
  • #11151
  • 2201 Baxter Ln
  • Bozeman,MT

About Meira Alon

I’m Meira Alon, a Practicing Clinical Licensed Counselor (PCLC) and Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) in Montana. I started my practice to help people like you: women, parents, young children and veterans navigate the biggest transitions in your life.

I am passionate about helping parents, including adoptive and foster, overcome the challenges of parenting and helping young children overcome traumas, sleep issues, aggressive behaviors, anxiety and other mental health issues. This includes helping you understand your child’s emotions and behaviors. Together we will build your confidence as a parent and help your child improve self-regulation, grow and feel safe and secure. We will also build realistic developmentally appropriate expectations for yourself and your children.

I am also passionate about helping veterans conquer their challenges and difficulties such as developing a high quality civilian life, PTSD or other life challenges.

I’ll work with you to set goals and actions that make sure that you are able to do more than just survive every day. I want you to feel that you have control, feel good about yourself and your family, and feel confident navigating any challenge that may be getting in your way of enjoying life.

How I work

I focus on helping you connect and build safe attachments. I begin by meeting you where you are emotionally and physically. I look at you as a whole person. As we explore who you are, your past and current experiences, your perception of those experiences and how they affect you, we will find the best ways to help you decrease current distressing symptoms. We will explore what has and hasn’t helped you in the past and develop new skills and strategies to support your needs and goals.

I will offer you a safe place with no judgment, a neutral space to talk about the difficult things and obstacles to your success. It is not my job to fix you. I am part of your journey and will offer unconditional support, empathy and be present for you. Yet, I won’t shy away from challenging you and offering feedback in a compassionate way

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You are so brave to come out and talk about your trauma! I hope it started helping you with your healing process. I think you have good instinct, often past especially past trauma can hold us back in areas we aren't even aware of since you have spent so much time trying to compensate and feel ok. It... more

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