Lisette Lahana

Gender Therapist and Clinical Consultant
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
17 years in practice

About Lisette Lahana

I am a Gender Therapist/Gender Specialist who has worked in the field of transgender care since 2002 and licensed since 1999. I provide consultation and course work for therapists working with transgender people and have done that work since 2004. I currently run a VIDEO consultation group (8 therapists) and an In person consult group in Oakland CA office and at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. I typically work with adults and late adolescents on the gender spectrum including those who identify as MTF, FTM, Intersex, Crossdressers, Genderqueer, Agender and gender questioning. I also work part-time in a clinic focused on transgender care & surgery assessments for transition. I have run groups for many years for people on the gender spectrum as well as groups for partners of trans men. I am happy to provide individual consultation to help you work with your cases in half hour or hour-long consultation sessions by video or phone in English or Spanish (en espanol). In addition to gender care I see large numbers of lesbian, bisexual, gay and queer clients, have been an EMDR therapist since 1998, work with bipolar clients, am bilingual in the Spanish language and serve my Latino community with pride.

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This is a difficult situation to be in, as it sounds like you are feeling very isolated from both your family and your friends. I don't know your age or gender so please excuse any incorrect assumptions about you being under 18 and use what is useful from the ideas if you are older. One idea is... more

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