Laurie Ward

2 years in practice

About Laurie Ward

LIFE!...LET'S FIGURE IT OUT! Each person has a unique place in this world. Figuring out how to make the best of your life can be a challenge. The strongest among us will reach out for a helping hand. If you find yourself in need of a place to sort through your life, ease your tensions, provide you with coping skills, and/or give you a new perspective on your life, give me a call. I would love to meet you and help you navigate a path toward happiness.

My experience lies in helping many individuals, adolescents, adults, parents, couples, and families navigate their way through the fog of life. Together, we can chart a journey toward your goals.

My specialty is guiding people on the path to affectively managing the negative side affects of anxiety and assisting couples to learn to communicate more affectively. This is accomplished by offering a warm, safe environment to work through your situation, at your pace, according to your strengths. By pairing your determination and cooperation with insight and perspective, you will be able to reach your goals and find satisfaction.

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EMDR therapy has shown great results for work with PTSD symptoms which are similar to what you described. If you are unable to find a local EMDR specialist then I would suggest some meditation and journaling in addition to talk therapy to process your trauma. Your anxiety response centers int he... more

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