Kayla Moore

Counseling for Innovative Millennial Professionals and Couples in Tacoma, WA.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
2 years in practice
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About Kayla Moore

As a millennial, you are in a constant state of stress due to the uncertainty of your future. You often feel anxious and trapped in this world of perfectionism, attempting to find a balance. Getting a degree has now resulted in accumulating thousands of dollars of debt, lacking experience, and moving back in with parents! Social media and dating apps raise your anxiety as you are constantly being bombarded by news headlines while comparing yourself to #relationshipgoals. Successful relationships seem hopeless. Being confident in yourself, especially sex and sexuality, is a constant struggle. You deserve connection, pleasure, and balance.

Imagine a life where you have the power to balance your life and find success. You feel confident in who you are and are living authentically in yourself and your relationships. You feel safe and connected in your relationships. Sex is now satisfying, pleasurable, FUN, and desired! Imagine you are creating the habits needed to feel a sense of calm and control. This is all possible!

I chose to specialize in working with millennials because I am a millennial and know what you are going through. I work to empower you to live authentically in yourself and your relationships by breaking down the barriers, re-authoring your narrative, and creating the freedom to fully live the life you desire. I strive to be my full authentic self in our work together and I am one of the few therapists that has decided to make sex therapy and sex education a focus and passion in my work. For your connivence, I offer in person sessions as well as online Telehealth sessions. If you are interested, head to my website for more information on my services, fees, and how to schedule your free initial phone consultation.

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The most important agent of change in therapy is your relationship with your therapist. It is so important for you to find a therapist that you trust and feel comfortable enough to just lay everything out there and be vulnerable with. Therapy is really building a safe and healthy relationship with a... more

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