Jim Ciraky PhD., LPC

Expert Anxiety Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor
20 years in practice
  • 251 River Park North Drive
  • Woodstock,GA

About Jim Ciraky PhD., LPC

I offer in person counseling to clients in the Atlanta GA area and coaching to people across the world. I help stressed, anxious individuals with strategies to help them feel more satisfied and at peace in their connection with themselves and those around them. If you have tried to make the changes on your own and have been met with little or no success, I can provide tools for you to make positive changes, which worked for many of my clients. I support people in discovering more about themselves and revealing hidden harmful patterns so that they can begin to have more control over their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I use a number of strategies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you accomplish the goals we establish. This strategy helps many clients reassess their unproductive thinking patterns and make positive changes that may help them toward a greater sense of well-being.

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A colleague and I were discussing the characteristics of successful therapists. I gave him some traits, some of which were listed by Robinson (2012). The therapist should be able to listen to your story, build rapport, establish a relationship, demonstrate empathy, adapt treatments to the... more

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