Jessica French

Compassion-Focused Therapist
Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
  • 110 Main St
  • Edmonds,WA

About Jessica French


I specialize in trauma- and compassion-focused care, embedded in an attachment, somatic, and psychodynamic approach. I encourage clients to nurture their own sense of safety, self-compassion, self-acceptance, and problem-solving to find relief, more joy, and contentment in life. I am trained in S.A.F.E. EMDR, an evidence-based approach to trauma processing.

I deeply respect what goes into the decision to begin therapy and seek out support, and I recognize the vulnerability it takes to entrust someone else with your stories. I invite you to explore my website to find out more about my approach to therapeutic work with clients. Ultimately, what I believe is important for clients to understand is that any suffering we experience deserves to be seen, heard, and tended to. Sometimes we can do this alone but sometimes we need a helping hand - and that's ok.

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This is a common worry clients have about counseling. Something that can be helpful to remember is that what we're seeing as different issues often have a theme or are connected in some way. For example, the sexual abuse and cancer history you shared have similar traumatic and stressful effects on... more

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