Jenny Long

Psychologist who helps over thinkers and weight loss surgery patients.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
9 years in practice
Accepted Insurance Plans:
  • Primarily out of network
  • Tricare
  • Medicare
  • United (some plans)
  • 412 Washington Ave
  • West Plains,MO

About Jenny Long

Deadlines, demands, sickness. It feels like you can’t keep up. Everyone wants a piece of you and there is not enough to go around. You are exhausted and your mind won't shut off. The What if's overwhelm you... "What if I am not good enough? What if I let everyone down?" Your family, your job, your friends are counting on you. You may wonder, "When is it about what I need?" only to feel selfish and guilty about that too.

You want to say "no" without guilt and resentment. You want to be enough and not live in fear of failure. You want to feel confident, worthy, and at peace. I could list my work experience and degrees, but what you really want to know is whether I get it.

If you are not sure yet, check out my website, give me a call, or message my office. Together, we will figure out what the best fit is for you, even if that is not me. To help make therapy as accessible as possible, I offer online scheduling and the ability to do online sessions.

Focus Areas