Jason Polk

I help couples get along better!
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
7 years in practice
  • STE 460
  • 1777 S. Bellaire Street

About Jason Polk

I'm a relationship counselor/coach in Denver, CO with over 1000+ hours of helping couples get the relationship they want.

Over the years, I started to identify what really makes couples have successful relationships and that's what I use to help couples in my office and through my course.

Most of us aren't naturally good at relationships.

In fact, for me, I've been divorced and that's the main reason I became trained as a couples counselor and coach. I wanted to figure out how to do it!

I love what I do and my mission is to give you what I wish I got in order to have a successful relationship!

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There is a modality developed by Pia Mellody called "Post induction therapy" (PIT). The work has been continued by Jan Bergstrom who wrote the book: "Gifts From A Challenging Childhood. The premise of the work is that you can "reparent" those wounded parts of you. A quote from Jan's book is, "If it... more

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