James McCracken

Life is better when we live in the shelter of each other. We are designed for it.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
7 years in practice
Accepted Insurance Plans:
  • Cigna

About James McCracken

I have spent over ten years working as a clinician and social worker helping couples, families, and individuals improve their relationships and live life to its fullest potential, even when circumstances appear bleak or relationships seem to be on their last leg. I am client-centered in style and trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, the most scientifically validated couples therapy to date. I offer a therapy experience that is interactive, warm and responsive, and aims to be validating and non-blaming.

From integrating science and experience, it is my belief that the quality of our relationships have a direct influence over our health and wellness, and that far too often we leave relationships that could be improved, and we locate problems in individual persons rather than in the patterns between us. Close relationships, including marriages, long term couplings, and parent-child bonds, can offer us safe haven from life's greatest challenges, and when our relationships come up short we can create change within them without resorting to lowering our expectations and settling for less or, alternatively, divorce, break up, and disownership. We can have and give the love that we want.

As a clinical social worker who has a background serving children at-risk of restrictive and institutional placements, youth involved in street life and gangs, HIV+ individuals also experiencing homeless and mental health problems, young adults with early onset psychosis and their families, individuals ambivalent about their relationships, and couples absorbed in negative patterns, I appreciate struggles and strengths from a wide variety of human experience and the challenges we all overcome on a daily basis. And I understand that at the end of the day everyone desires the same thing: love and mercy from those most important to them. I help people meet that longing.

Visit my website to learn more about my services, my specialty areas, about me, and how to get started. Love now makes scientific sense, and therapy that harnesses that science can help.

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Your question highlights your pain very clearly. What you are describing is one of the most common scenarios I see in my practice with couples: One partner feels terribly lonely and unimportant in response to the other partner either turning towards other people and activities or being withdrawn... more

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