Ilse de León

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Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
3 years in practice

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Sucely is a second generation Guatemalan-American who understands the difficulties of determining one’s identity, which has led to her love of all cultures. She considers herself both a counselor and a counselee who understands the difficulty of the learning process and the joy of the results. In May of 2018, Sucely completed her Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. Sucely had the privilege of working with adolescents and young adults via the school system and the church. Because of this and other personal experiences she has gained an understanding of how difficult it is to live through different phases of life. She specializes in issues of sexuality, general life transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. She works with all ages 18+. She also longs to help those who have had difficulty with their family system and their cultural background. Sucely loves walking with a person to a point of understanding and the process of healing and growth. Her goal is to help anyone who needs help navigating the waters of life. When it comes to counseling, Sucely approaches each person uniquely, getting to know their needs and working in a manner that best serves them specifically, with an emphasis on person centered and cognitive behavioral techniques. Her approach is looking at key relationships throughout a person’s life and how they impact the way they live today. Some of these patterns include decision making, the way we treat ourselves, as well as the way we view others. Sucely’s hope is to provide a safe place where clients can come with their deepest wounds and process them completely.

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Hello, As a counselee I can tell you that I knew I had the right therapist when I felt challenged. Also, when I did the work they gave me and saw growth from it, I knew I was being understood.As a counselor I can tell you that the best work happens when you are willing to be vulnerable, it feels... more

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