Gretchen Englander

Therapist at Connections Wellness Group
Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
1 year in practice
  • 3312 Teasley Lane Suite 100
  • Connections Wellness Group
  • Denton,TX

About Gretchen Englander

Change happens when we allow ourselves to be imperfect. In a world of dichotomies, it becomes easy to think in terms of success or failure, all or nothing. This line of thinking causes self-criticism and feelings of defeat, low motivation, and poor self-worth. As we walk along this path together, I’ll help guide you towards improving your relationship with yourself and broadening your perspective of success and progress. I aim to help you develop realistic and widely-applicable skills to apply in challenging situations. It would be my pleasure to walk alongside you as we embark on this journey of hope and wellness. Contact Connections Wellness Group to set up an appointment with me.

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Finding a therapist you connect to is one of the most important aspects of successful therapy. Asking your provider what they are trained to treat matters in making sure they can provide competent care. Tell your therapist any information that could be helpful such as things that were helpful or... more

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