Gina Moffa

CBT Therapist Specializing in Treating Anxiety, Grief, and Addictions
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
14 years in practice
  • 1CE
  • 151 West 86th Street
  • New York,NY

About Gina Moffa

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

― C.G. Jung

I've always been interested in how people become who they are-how life's pain, challenges and expectations form/change someone. I'm incredibly passionate about seeing people have a deeper understanding of what they've experienced or are experiencing, and move towards healing, change and wholeness. I treat individuals going through loss and grief, PTSD, anxiety, depression, life transitions, as well as people enduring addictions such as substance use disorder as well as disordered eating. Never losing focus on the possibility of healing by finding meaning in life, I strive to provide hope, encouragement, occasional humor, and steadfast support as clients move toward recovering from life's challenges and tragedies

I imagine you want to feel like you've got it all together and that you're on the right track, but you've lost your sense of balance. Maybe you're going through a major life transition, like ending a relationship, moving to a new city, or starting a new career. Even the most welcome of changes come with their share of challenges, or maybe you find yourself in the same old patterns ending up in the same old place over and over without a clear idea of how to make lasting changes. I want to help you make the changes in yourself and in your life so that you feel more balanced, more focused, and better able to manage each challenge you face.

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It's most important that you accept yourself and surround yourself with a group of friends who are kind to you and love you. Family hearing news of any kind for the first time if they are an anxious type of character, will always be tough to digest. Time is important to let it all settle in and also... more

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