Elizabeth Gentzkow

Stop letting anxiety, stress, and frustration run your life.
Licensed Professional Counselor
8 years in practice

About Elizabeth Gentzkow

Are you fighting with constant anxiety or fear? Struggling with the constant pressure to succeed or be perfect all the time? Want to improve your relationship? Want to improve your confidence, self-esteem, and connection to others? Feeling burned out by constant fear of not succeeding or being "good enough", despite evidence that you're doing well? Ready to make a change in your career?

If you want to live with less stress, more direction, and cultivate a life aligned with your true values, let's work together! Living a fulfilling life is something most of us strive for, yet at times we find ourselves feeling weighed down by fear, uncertainty, and indecision. Change is hard when you go it alone- but you don't have to.

I provide counseling through secure video chat to treat anxiety, relationship issues, ADHD, life transitions, grief, and career development. Working together, we will explore thinking patterns and views that may have led you down an unhelpful path. Together, we will work to develop more helpful ways of viewing the world and actions that align with these beliefs.

I also provide career and executive coaching to professionals, "high potentials", and leaders/executives to improve performance, workplace relationships, team development, leadership development, career development, and more.

Feeling nervous about finding someone to work with is common, but can be exciting to take that next step for changing your life. I offer a free 15 minute phone consult where we can chat to see if working together will be helpful for you. Give me a call and let's talk.

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It is generally very normal to cry in therapy, and for many reasons. Therapy should be a safe space to explore emotions as they come up and how you cope with these emotions. I would encourage you to talk with your therapist about crying and to explore your experience of emotions/feelings. Sometimes... more

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