Deborah Harland

You Deserve to be Happy
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
9 years in practice
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About Deborah Harland

Everyone is different...

And what you need will be unique to you.

The road that has brought you here belongs to no one else and that means your recovery should also be one of a kind.

There are some key tools that we can explore together, but the conversation is always open as to what is helping you get where you want to be.

I offer support in healing for adults trapped in the aftermath of trauma when the worst has happened. Through creative approaches, I use EMDR and other proven tools to guide you in discovering the path to freedom and happiness in escaping the past to allow you to build the future freedom and happiness you both desire and deserve.

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It's not just you... crying is one way our bodies attempt to heal. There could be many reasons why the tears come but there is nothing wrong or abnormal about crying in therapy. Just the opposite as many times there is a deep need to mourn or simply let the pain out, but not everyone has a good... more

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