Debbie Murad

Holistic Psychotherapist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
29 years in practice
Accepted Insurance Plans:
  • Out of Network Billing
  • ILWU
  • Suite 306
  • 734 Silver Spur Road
  • Rolling Hills Estates,CA

About Debbie Murad

My areas of expertise are trauma, domestic abuse, and addiction, as well as anxiety and depression. I am also very effective with personal growth and relationship issues, with nearly 30 years of service. I enjoy helping people who are seeking personal growth, which is often an outcome of a crisis or life changing event. While painful, it allows people to build their self-awareness and look at areas of their lives and aspects of themselves that have been neglected.

I help clients to build on their natural resiliency and believe that everyone has an innate ability to overcome adversity. It is my greatest pleasure to help people to tap into their inner strength and achieve balance, health and wellbeing.

I utilize a holistic approach, incorporating a combination of science backed methods as well as body based techniques. I also integrate body awareness, and alternative techniques such as polyvagal therapy, breath-work, nature therapy, and dream analysis as a few examples. Again, I have been in practice for many years and I have many tools.

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It is completely normal and it is also healthy! When you cry, it shows that you are feeling emotional safe in the relationship. Our emotions are meant to be expressed. If ignored, they haunt and may develop into long term problems such as healthy conditions. There are no wrong emotions. Once felt... more

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