Danae Bergman

Specialty in treatment of adolescents, young adults, and those that love them.
Licensed Social Worker
20 years in practice
  • suite 1300
  • 901 boren ave
  • Seattle ,WA

About Danae Bergman

As a first generation immigrant, I pride myself in offering a diverse and culturally sensitive approach to therapy. The treatment modalities I use are individualized based on the client's strengths.

I work with what you got and help you build on it!

My education includes a master's in social work, a bachelor's in social work, and a post-grad program in art therapy. I have a certification in case management and have been street yoga, toddler yoga, and therapy yoga trained. I enjoy participating in my community, spending time with friends and family and spoiling my dogs:)

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children and adolescents who have a desire to achieve high grade point averages often have the symptoms you are describing. It sounds like, your gut is telling you to help her find ways to de-stress. Listen to your gut-always; as her mom, you know her needs better than anyone else. She would... more

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