Christopher Michael, Ph.D.

Claremont, CA Psychologist
Licensed Psychologist
11 years in practice
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  • Suite 302
  • 675 W. Foothill Blvd.
  • Claremont,CA

About Christopher Michael, Ph.D.

Do you find you over-burn or snuff out your emotional fuel? Find yourself thinking the same things again and again or having difficulty maintaining focus and decisiveness? Do you keep getting into the same jams or disliked patterns repeatedly? Get stuck and unsure how to move?

I specialize in preventing and ending life troubles, as well as longer-term processes of self-improvement and meaning. With respect and empathy, I work rapidly, but not superficially, with career, personal, or artistic burnout, losses, life changes, work difficulties, compassion fatigue, anxiety, questions of meaning, depressed mood, targets of adult bullying, chronic mental illness, and personality difficulties.

If you need a boost or helping hand, contact me for a free consultation.

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One way is to bring one's concerns or desires to the therapist directly, rather than trying to subtly 'train' them. Here's why I say that: One quite important healing factor in a psychotherapy is discovering that problems in the therapy and the therapeutic relationship can be solved together. It is... more

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