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15 years in practice
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Intuitive and empathic Counselor who has been offering guidance with compassion and understanding for over 30 years. Specializing in person centered positive psychology that provides insight and healing guidance for their life's journey and personal relationships: helping clients gain insight into their interactions with others and imparting relationship guidance for any type of relationship be it family, personal, romantic, or business. Bringing self awareness and helping you to develop tools for coping with emotional issues. A wide variety of issues with a unique holistic approach. Trained clinicial counselor, working with thousands of clients to bring harmony, insight and joy to their life through empathic guidance. Carole welcomes clients from anywhere in the US or even outside the States. These sessions are conducted via Skype, phone, email or text.

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The first step is realizing your value and establishing firm boundaries. When your parents cross that boundary and are verbally abusive, you have to have a plan to stand your ground and act upon it. That plan may include a better job to afford a place of your own, a domestic violence shelter if you... more

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