Carol Melville

Young adult and teens therapy
Licensed Social Worker
  • Los Angeles,CA

About Carol Melville

I have always loved to listen to people. It’s what propelled me to pursue a degree in social work with a specialty in clinical psychotherapy. As a clinician, and as an administrator for a regional mental health center for over 10 years, I was able to hone my listening in service of my clients, gathering more and more tools along the way to help me understand and reflect, efficiently and effectively, in order to best help my clients. My training in psychodynamics and psychoanalysis, family systems, couples therapy, trauma treatment and trauma informed care, as well as parenting education have all become different lenses for me to utilize in the best interests of my clients’ specific issues and needs. Importantly, I have and continue to learn a great deal from my clients.

I have worked in both private and community mental health settings. I began my career in 1990 at a regional mental health center where I worked as a staff clinician helping people with a variety of issues: substance abuse, eating disorders and other addictive behaviors, anxiety and depressive disorders, life changes and more. I developed a private practice where I focused on these issues as well as addressing the needs of couples and families, from marital challenges to parenting dilemmas, the grief and loss that arise from life transitions such as divorce or the death of a spouse or loved one, chronic illness or a new diagnosis, and the anxiety and loss that may accompany normative life changes, such as young adults facing the transition from home to college. I have also worked with those who have attentional challenges in school or work and need to address them in order to enhance success.

Most recently, for the past ten years, I served as a parent educator as well as Chair of the Board of Directors for Echo Training, an organization which provides parent education, training in trauma informed care, and understanding of the process toward post-traumatic resilience and growth. We train professionals in mental health, social services, medical, and educational settings who need to understand trauma in order to best serve their constituents. Unlike most organizations of its kind, Echo Training also serves to address the needs of survivors themselves in a trauma responsive manner This work and organization are near and dear to my heart as Echo reaches and helps a national audience to understand the effects of trauma on individuals, families, and systems. (

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In addition to academic stress, teens are facing multiple stressors in their lives, it can be social stress. Teens place a high value on their social lives. It’s part of their developmental stage. Finding friends, keeping their friendships can be stressful at times. World events such as school... more

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