Carla Siri

Transforming lives through harnessing the body's wisdom
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
10 years in practice

About Carla Siri

It's been an endless search for a therapist who really gets you. Someone who can dive deep into your problems without making you feel you have to compartmentalize or leave out important parts of your life. Someone  who can be a safe sounding board whatever comes up. 

I believe therapy is most effective when it is a dynamic, collaborative process that integrates the wisdom of our body, mind and spiritual self. I am trained in a experiential somatic approach that puts us in contact with our full range of emotions, inner resources, and unconscious strategies, and provides unique opportunities to create satisfying change. I also incorporate Brainspotting, which acts as a catalyst for the brain to heal itself.

I center the needs of non-binary & other LGBTQ people in my practice.

I help people navigate:

-emotional impact of chronic illness; 

-family of origin issues including: rejection due to sexuality, relationship structure or gender identity;

- enhancing fulfillment in intimate relationships through enhanced self-knowledge, communication, and collaboration.

We might be a good fit if: You’re looking for a therapist who knows that you're already whole.  You're curious about tapping into your body's innate wisdom.  You want therapy to be an experience. Something fresh, simultaneously familiar and new.

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It's absolutely normal. Therapy provides a space where you can be free to express yourself and experience all of your emotions fully. Crying is a form of release, and many people feel like they do not have any other space where they can let out their emotions. Crying can be a healthy way to be... more

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