Brenda Whelan, LMHC

Mind, Body, Spirit Counseling
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
3 years in practice

About Brenda Whelan, LMHC

My experiences have included: Chaplain at Women and Children's Hospital for 18 years working with children and families as they deal with illness and its aftercare, training in Family Systems Theory, Certified Grief Counselor, Certified Mental Health Disaster Responder and Educator.

I enjoy working with others who are walking through life changes whether they be as a result of aging, a change in relationships, or just plain everyday life!

I believe in the power of change and the strength that each individual carries within themselves!

The first step is the only one you need to take alone: Please call today for more information!

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I think we all go through a period of time where we think we aren't worth anything. Sometimes these feelings are a result of low self esteem or because of shame. The most important part of dealing with this thought is to separate feelings from reality. "I don't feel worth anything, but I know what I... more

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