Birch Snogles

Sex therapy for LGBTQ+ Individuals, Couples, and Relationships
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
5 years in practice
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About Birch Snogles

I specialize in working with sexuality, gender, and relationships through an anti oppressive attachment based lens. I am trained to work with couples/relationships and see many 2SLGBTQIA+ and non monogamous/polyamorous relationships. I provide Trans, Non-Binary, and Queer affirmative care. My training is in Marriage and Family Therapy, which basically means I have extensive training in working with more than one person in the room as well as considering relational context even when I am seeing an individual person. I practice relationship/marriage/premarital therapy through an attachment based lens and am trained in The Developmental Model of couples work. I have also completed Gottman Level 1 and incorporate that training when useful. I am trained in Brainspotting and find the clients seeking to process difficult experiences and/or move through areas in which they feel stuck benefit from this modality. I provide sex therapy through sex and pleasure positive lenses.

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Knowing you have the right therapist starts with checking in with how you are feeling in your body during the session and before a session begins. Is there an ease to the session and do you feel safe enough to open up and share. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is one of the biggest... more

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