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When something needs to change
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
31 years in practice
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Betsy:When you're really struggling, you need more than a good listener. You need someone who can sort through the details fast, and get you moving in a healthier direction as quickly as possible. - See more at:

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The older I get, the more I believe that our real task isn't to 'find' ourselves. We're already 100% "there." What we do have to do is become more mindful of the times when we feel the most alive, most happy, most creative, and most fully engaged with life. It is in those moments that we find... more

Imagine your best friend just told you that her husband lied to her all the time and that he had broken every promise he ever made to her. What would you tell her? If I were her best friend I'd tell her to run the other way. You may love this man. We don't choose who we love. But the evidence is... more

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