Alexandrea Maratea

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
5 years in practice
  • Staten Island
  • Staten Island,NY

About Alexandrea Maratea

I believe in the importance of guiding clients towards understanding the connection and impact their thoughts have on their feelings, experiences, and behaviors. Together we learn to identify, accept, and challenge these thoughts to adjust your perspective. We also focus on building motivation, implementing mindfulness & self-care into your daily routine.

It is highly likely that you will have more ease in your life and more control over your emotions and mindset. Allow me to assist you in gaining the happiness you desire by learning skills, understanding triggers, and yourself. Taking this step toward self-exploration and healing is both courageous and scary, so allow me to help you along this process!

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Yes this is very normal as you are processing information and feelings you have been holding onto. Crying is a form of healing.

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