Alexandra Laramee

Therapy Practice for Professional Women
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
13 years in practice
  • Suite #1128
  • 1601 Walnut Street
  • Philadelphia,PA

About Alexandra Laramee

The vision and mission of my practice: Helping professional women make their desires become a reality through a relationship and evidenced-based therapy model. Whether clients crave a healthier outlook, a more consistent parenting strategy, a calmer home environment, a supportive social network, a fulfilling career, a definitive sense of self, or simply, a better night's sleep, we can help guide you there.

I am a motivated, published and solution-savvy LCSW who specializes in helping women and their families access a life they love. If you are a client looking for assistance with any of the following, my individualized and cognitive-behavioral therapy based interventions will help:

I want more ease in my phase of life transition (graduation, breakup, starting college, marriage, divorce)

I want to relate to my child or partner better

I want to enhance my performance (testing, athletic, artistic)

I want to reduce my anxiety experience

I want more satisfaction in my work

I want better behaviors from my child

I want richer friendships and dating relationships

My most successful clients have an unwavering commitment to self-betterment. Is that you?

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Hello! Emotions run high in "crush" situations and when emotions run high it's not uncommon for us to have emotion-based instead of fact-based thoughts. After reading your question, I wondered how you went from "making out" to "nothing happened?" I wondered if this happened because of an emotion... more

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