Adrienne Licari

Individual and Couples Counselor
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
18 years in practice
Accepted Insurance Plans:
  • I am an out-of-network provider. I do not participate in any insurance plans.
  • Suite #3
  • 249 East Main Street
  • East Setauket,NY

About Adrienne Licari

My specialty and the ultimate goal of counseling and therapy is to have you learn effective ways to decrease anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and marriage conflicts. I work with individuals to learn how to decrease uncomfortable feelings, change messages of self-identity and self-esteem, quiet the inner critic and heal from life experiences. My work with couples addresses how to have meaningful conversations that lead to feeling emotionally connected and to help heal from broken trust created by infidelity.

I incorporate a positive psychology approach with a non-judgmental position that allows for good conversations, supportive approaches and healing. In sessions, you will learn the most updated and effective tools that decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. For couples, you will learn how to avoid criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling while having productive conversations, even if the conversations are about a regrettable incident(s) such as infidelity.

You will be able to meet with me in my brick and mortar office in East Setauket, NY or thru Telehealth (for Long Island residents only).

Contact me today at (631) 406-3139 for a free 15 minute consultation.

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Yes, it is normal to cry in therapy. When opening up and talking about uncomfortable feelings or experiences that a person has been holding onto, there is a lot of emotion that is being released whether during a therapy session, close friend or family member.We all have painful memories and feelings... more

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