My boyfriend wants nothing to do with me after his dad's suicide

My boyfriend lost his dad to suicide. He says that because his dad died, so did his heart. He says that he can't be there for me or love me anymore and wants nothing to do with me ever again. Why is he doing this when we were very happy together? He says that I have done nothing wrong but he just can't be with me.

Linda Mullin
Linda Mullin
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I am sorry to learn of this.  You must be extremely frustrated and heartbroken.  To begin, he is correct.  You have done nothing wrong.  This is entirely a coping mechanism in overdrive.  It is fear.  It is anger.  It is extreme sadness.  It is feelings of abandonment.  It is intense emotional pain.  It is his way of protecting himself from potential unexpected additional loss.

I am not familiar with how old this post is, but often, it will require time and understanding.  If he speaks with you, encourage him to get grief counseling.  Do not encourage it for your relationship, encourage it for his betterment coping with losing his dad.  Start there.  Good Luck.

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