I’m having problems moving on

We're not together, but I’m still doing things for him and we are intimate. He’s not there for his son.

Sonya Wilson
Sonya Wilson
Licensed Professional Counselor

You didn't ask a direct question because I feel from what you wrote you already know the answer.  I hate to sound harsh but I am a therapist that call it how I see it so brace yourself...

You will always continue to have problems with letting your child's father go as long as you:

Don't love or respect yourself first...Don't love and respect your son...Don't demand respect as a woman and mother...Give up the goods regardless of what he does for you or your son...Don't hold your son as a priority in your life....Have self worth of a $1, etc.

I have a feeling you are saying...I do love my son and hold him as a priority even if you don't do it for yourself...

I would ask...Are your actions of allowing such disrespect from his father proof of that?

I know what I have said may have gotten under your skin...I want it to.... because I feel that you have a conscience, want to do better, know you and your son deserve better and you can do better.  Believe in yourself and that you and your son DO desire better and it starts with you setting boundaries with his father.  You can do  it!!!

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