Am I unworthy of being in a meaningful relationship?

I'm in a relationship, but I feel like I'm always putting more into it and not getting reciprocated. My ex told me that I will never find anyone else, and that's lingering in the back of my mind.

Rebecca Wong
Rebecca Wong
Relationship Therapist & Connectfulness Consultant

The most crucial key to any relationship is that mutual feeling you hold between you both: that you matter. Sounds like you are stuck in a cycle of hearing your ex say you don't matter. That's why it didn't work with him btw. He wasn't reflecting to you that you mattered. However it ended, clearly though that's the sentiment that's lingering with you. So here you are hanging around a new man why is telling you the same message. Move on. You aren't unworthy, you just haven't found a man who is worthy of you! 

To be worthy of you, he must see your worth. Often though before anyone else can see your worth, you have to believe it.  

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