I'm very depressed?

I'm very depressed. How do I find someone to talk to?

Sara Makin, M.S.Ed.,NCC
Sara Makin, M.S.Ed.,NCC
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You have already taken the brave first step of making the decision to heal from it and find a professional that will help you do so. There are lots of different options nowadays for therapists, as you can see them online or in an office.  My biggest tip for you is to use Psychology Today or Counsel Chat to find a therapist.  Enter in your zip code and you will find many different therapists you can talk to . Be sure to find someone that you most resonate with and ask them any questions you may have. Many  times, therapists will provide free consultations and this can be a great opportunity to see if you are a good fit. 

The information above is intended as general information...  (more)The information above is intended as general information based on minimal information, and does not constitute health care advice. This information does not constitute communication with a counselor/therapist nor does it create a therapist-client relationship nor any of the privileges that relationship may provide.   If you are currently feeling suicidal or are in crisis, call 911 or proceed to your local emergency room.

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