I just lost my grandpa

I just lost my grandpa and i'm having a rough time with it.

I need some help to deal with the loss, but I don’t think I can pay for counseling. Where Can I get help?

Dr. Timothy Paul
Dr. Timothy Paul
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Y'know, to see a man you've loved and care for pass on must make ya' want to cry and weep a bunch, don't it?

And, may I say to you that... (as I've long since said)... if you need to mourn, take about a week or so and mourn like your life depended on it.  I mean, get to weeping, gnashing, moaning, crying, solemnness, and reflection.

And then, after about a week or so, reflect on the man as if he were a well-beloved traveler... sent off on a wondrous journey that will consume and encapsulate his entire awareness... and...

Rather than expression vibrations of fatigue, sadness, and anger, send him the finest recollections and images you have of him, and regard him fondly...

For, I think you will realize that the dead are not gone forever, but are actually extraordinarily active... and when he sees what you express out from within yourself, he experiences it himself (probably more than you know); so, why not send the very best you have out to him :)

If you are currently feeling suicidal or are in crisis, call...  (more)If you are currently feeling suicidal or are in crisis, call 911 or proceed to your local emergency room. All written by 'i': 'man'; is [My] Property;

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