How can I be interested in the same sex after nearly 40 years of being straight?

After 40 years of being straight, how could I now find myself interested in people of the same sex? I have had a few same sex encounters of my own doing.

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What most people don't know is that sexual preferences can be fluid, meaning our sexual orientation is not as fixed as most people believe.  Women in particular tend to be more fluid in their desire to express and experience sex.  It is not uncommon for heterosexual women in their mid-life to explore new sexual appetites.  That said, men tend to be more rigid in their orientations particularly if they are hetero while gay men tend to be more fluid.  So if your distress is over your new interests I would tell you, you are not alone and not abnormal.  Since you have started exploring, enjoy and consider seeing a therapist to help you navigate your feelings around this new sexual life! Warm wishes.  

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