What makes a good marriage?

What makes a healthy marriage last?

Zofia Czajkowska, PhD OPQ
Zofia Czajkowska, PhD OPQ
Psychologist in Montreal

What a great question! Marriage (or any long-term committed romantic relationship) is never easy. Ups & downs, doubts and fights are a part of it just the same as the wonderful, tender, blissful moments of connection. Recognizing that hardships are normal and something to work through is a big part of the healthy attitude partners in lasting relationships share. Some degree of conflict is not something to be scared of or a sign it's time to break up as long as all parties involved feel respected. Expressing your needs and wants in a respectful, not accusing manner will increase the chances that your loved one will actually listen, empathize with your perspective and will be more open to finding solutions to your problems together. Working as a team to find solutions to problems you encounter is a much better approach than trying to persuade your partner that you are right, while they are most certainly wrong. Shutting your partner out or allowing resentment and contempt to creep into your relationships is definitely a warning sign that things may not be going the way you want anymore. As long as you both agree that you want to be in that relationship (i.e., are committed to it) and you have a growth mindset ("we will learn from this and grow together to be a better couple in the end"), the foundation of your partnership is strong. What else? Making time for each other, whether it's being playful, having fun or enjoying intimate moments together is also an important part of ensuring a good balance of positive to negative experiences, that will only strenghten your bond. Good luck!

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