Can a therapist have a client admitted to an eating disorder treatment center if the client does not want to go?

Eric Ström, JD, MA, LMHC
Eric Ström, JD, MA, LMHC
Attorney & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Typically, a therapist cannot force a client to receive any treatment they do not want.  In the end, it is the clients who get to decide what type of treatment they want.

If a therapist believes that their client is in imminent danger of harm however, the therapist might have an obligation to take actions to protect their client.  In such a case, the therapist would need to discuss the options with the client, and come up with a plan to best protect the client.

In a situiaon like this, it would probably be a good idea to talk to the therapist about the possilbe positvies and negatives of the treatmetn center.  A good therpist will be happy to have that conversation with you and allow you to make the final decisions about your own treatment.

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