How can I get people to listen?

I've never been able to talk with my parents. My parents are in their sixties while I am a teenager. I love both of them but not their personalities. I feel that they do not take me seriously whenever I talk about a serious event in my life. If my dad doesn’t believe me, then my mom goes along with my dad and acts like she doesn’t believe me either. I’m a pansexual, but I can’t trust my own parents.

I've fought depression and won; however, stress and anxiety are killing me. I feel that my friends don't listen to me. I know they have their own problems, which I do my best to help with. But they don't always try to help me with mine, when I really need them. I feel as if my childhood has been taken from me. I feel as if I have no one whom I can trust.

Dr Traci Kochendorfer
Dr Traci Kochendorfer
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Trust this... You are not alone.  We are here to help.  There are passed life experience and maybe they see through what you haven t been given site to yet.  They are in a time in their lives where hormones and aging is bringing them to a place they rather focus more on their feelings.  Although it should be a time to embrace your new beginnings to help you with more patience.  Sometimes learning energy practices and communication skills may improve your connection.  You are also at a place of transition.  It may seem out of wack right now but it will balance once you passed into adulthood.  Then you will notice a friendship developing with them maybe.  Hold On

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