PTSD is impacting my whole life

I have PTSD. The side effects are really bad and have impacts on sex, anger and my relationships. I even lost my job month ago.

How can I get my life back?

This is a great question. PTSD can be very complex and debilitating. It must be very difficult for you at this time.

When we feel complex emotions such as anger, frustration, and possibly low-self worth, the tendency is to try to avoid or suppress these emotions. The more you avoid them, the more these emotions will express themselves, and at the worst times. This may be why your PTSD symptoms are harming your relationships and your job status.

To help you get your life back, it is important to process your emotions with a counselor that has specific training in trauma-informed interventions. To process emotions, you start by inviting them in, observe them with compassion and without judgment. When we observe our emotions, it starts the healing process because we separate ourselves from them. 

Remember, thoughts and emotions are constructed. You are not your thoughts, nor your emotions. They are messengers telling you to pay attention to them. The more we avoid the messengers, the louder they get, to the point that they are crippling you in more than one way.

I hope this helps you begin your change process. For more information, please here is a link to a trauma post on my blog The Wisdom Room.

Please reach out for help. And contact me with any questions.


~ Catherine Cleveland

Cleveland Emotional Health

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