How do I get my husband to listen to me?

I'm always listening to my husband, but it feels like he never listens to me.

How do I get my husband to listen to me instead of me listening to him all the time?

Dr Traci Kochendorfer
Dr Traci Kochendorfer
Time for you to " Claim IT" with over 15 years in health and wellness, Ph.D Psy.D D.D. F.P.L.C. recognized on TV and Magazines,

This brings back when I was doing internship with Dr. Gray as a online coach.  Although I may not agree with a lot of the things he did he has updated his techniques a lot these days.  FYI I kind of one of those interns back then who suggested because I know what I was dealing with during war time with military and my own marriage it wasn't his experience.  Cause it is the energy pattern the way your environment   IT is 101 basic communications and you will still maybe have those men who love to hear themselves talk and if you even try to talk they tell you to " shut up" which is abusive and that is another issue.  But like being hearing impaired or speaking german.  You need a translator or a tool to help or you need to try and learn sign language or speak german Right.  LOL.  Its frustrating.   Men only listen with one side of the brain ( work on that fellas ) women both sides.   You might think " is there something wrong with me" It is not You its the delivery.   

I was around a lot of men with military.  Many of their things about their pet peeve in a trusting intimate type relationship like marriage. Is " women complain and nagg to much"  and women say.... " but he doesn't do things"  Right?  LOL.  " I am right and I am better"  But if you complain and nagg at a man too much he isn't going to listen.   Trust me  my cats are the same way.  Like calling them and they ignore me LOL.  ITs conditioning probaly he picked it up from his parents and so on....  What he is doing is detaching that is how he deals with it.  " so you think he isn't listening to you"  Roles today are different men and women are conscious relationships not like the old days we are dealing with both male and female sides.  Empowered.  You need to suppress your male side come back to your feminine not to go into him but him go into you.  

I have a book " get your love life running"  coming back to your feminine side.  

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