How can I stop worrying much?

I have a bad habit of thinking and worrying about what others may think of me. I really want to stop it and enjoy things.

Daniel Kelley-Petersen
Daniel Kelley-Petersen
Mental Health and Career Counselor

Thinking about what others think of us is a natural tendency. Human beings are social creatures and rely on feedback from the outside world of people, places, and things to let us know more about ourselves. We also have an inner voice, dialogue, conscience, etc. that helps us to determine the path for us. Often, when someone is worried about the external feedback, and focuses on this as the sole source of information, it can create a dependency that can become problematic. Balance is key to so many things in life. Your own voice is powerful and has strength to provide you the enjoyment you seek. Don't discount it and rely only on the voices of others.

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