Is it normal to cry at therapy?

Is it normal for people to cry during therapy, or is it just me?

Marianne Cook, EdD, LICSW
Marianne Cook, EdD, LICSW
Psychotherapy for Higher Education

There's a reason why I tell all of my clients that I have a lifetime supply of tissues in my office! Yes, it is completely normal to cry in therapy. Many of us go through our days trying to hold it all together, keeping our emotions inside so that we don't have a meltdown in the grocery store or a business meeting. Therapy is a safe place to let those feelings out, which means that we see a lot of tears in our work. Therapy can also involve confronting difficult experiences from our lives that we've been trying to ignore or suppress, which can lead to emotional outpourings. A competent therapist will be able to support you safely through this process so that you can move forward with your healing. We therapists are trained to bear compassionate witness to the full range of human expression. So please feel free to let those tears flow in therapy!

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