Do I have too many issues for counseling?

I have so many issues to address. I have a history of sexual abuse, I’m a breast cancer survivor and I am a lifetime insomniac.

I have a long history of depression and I’m beginning to have anxiety. I have low self esteem but I’ve been happily married for almost 35 years.

I’ve never had counseling about any of this. Do I have too many issues to address in counseling?

Gabriel Thibaut
Gabriel Thibaut
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There is no such things as "too  many issues". Many of the issues cited here are connected. For example, in this case working on the sexual abuse will possibly address the depression, the anxiety, the self esteem. There may be some grief to process around the impact of the cancer. Our body, mind and spirit are parts of one system. They are interconnected.

Addressing these issue are important so you can be relieved of the burden and feel more spontaneous and enjoy life even more.

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