How can I deal with depression stemming from chronic pain?

I have a severe back problem. I've had 3 major and several minor operations, but I'm still in constant pain. How can I deal with the depression from this chronic pain?

Rachelle Burrell
Rachelle Burrell
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There is a correlation between chronic pain and depression. Treating your depression will ease some of the pain, and relieving the pain will help to decrease depression.  Dealing with chronic pain involves a grieving process.  Coping with a change in abilities, activities and feelings of powerlessness.  However, I have seen many people begin to make meaning of this new situation.  It may include taking an assessment and acknowledging the things that you are still able to do in spite of the pain.  It may include learning relaxation exercises as a complement to any pain treatment.  Counseling gives you an opportunity to express all of your feelings related to the pain and identify new coping strategies.  Mindfulness is an effective modality for coping with chronic pain, as well as CBT and supportive therapy. 

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