How can I have a better sex life when I don't like sex?

My husband and I have been married for seven years, and in that time, we have only had sex four or five times. Others have told me that most men would have left me by now. Honestly, I think I have a low sex drive or neither one of us actually knows what we are doing. I want to be better connected with my husband.

Frank Walker
Frank Walker
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There are many different ways that can be approached in your situation.

1. I would recommend a complete medical examination including blood test. i would want to know if there are any medical issues in your low sex drive.

2. Where is your husband in this situation? Is he resentful, accepting, demanding or neutral?

3. What is your past sexual history? has this had an affect on your current issue?

4.Has there been problems in your past with abuse of any kind?

5. Understand that intimacy is more than sex. What other ways can you be close to your spouse?

6. It sounds like there is some confusion about sexual intimacy from both of you.Couples counseling would be a great place to start. 

All of these areas need to be explored before any treatment goals can be established.

You need to talk with a professional counselor to explore how to better connect with your spouse.

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