Is it normal to cry at therapy?

Is it normal for people to cry during therapy, or is it just me?

Kellie Spear, LCMHC, LMFT
Kellie Spear, LCMHC, LMFT
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Therapy brings people in for many different reasons. Most of the time it is because something in your life is not right and having someone to talk to that is not a friend or family member can be very helpful. We have many emotions, some are easy to share in front of others, some are not as easy. When you step into the therapy room, you go in with expectations of some sort. Even if you did not expect to cry, it is quite normal to do so. 

Talking about your emotions in the counseling room can be helpful as part of your therapy. Share with your counselor what it feels like for you to cry in therapy, as you explore together you will learn more about the connection between thoughts and feelings. 

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