How can I tell if my spouse had sex with a prostitute?

My spouse visited the red light district a couple of years back in Amsterdam. After he got back from the trip he got me tested for stds. In the aftermath he has provided multiple versions of what happened, from having a total blackout to being touched by a prostitute. How do I know if he had sex?

The short answer is: you may never know.  The only person that really knows is him.  Here are some things to consider.  If you're asking this question, it may be an indicator of the health of the relationship itself.  It wouldn't be a waste of your time to try some relationship counseling.  I don't know where you are in your mind on the relationship, but couples counseling is not only for couples on the brink of separation.  Yes, it can help avoid separation, but it can also help work out issues exactly like you are asking about.  Even a healthy relationship can be taken to the next level with some relational therapy every now and then.  

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