How can I have a better sex life when I don't like sex?

My husband and I have been married for seven years, and in that time, we have only had sex four or five times. Others have told me that most men would have left me by now. Honestly, I think I have a low sex drive or neither one of us actually knows what we are doing. I want to be better connected with my husband.

Sherry Katz, LCSW
Sherry Katz, LCSW
Couples and Family Therapist, LCSW

The numbers you write are low compared to how much sex many other people would be satisfied having.

The key is your and your husband's satisfaction with the amount of sex you are having.

And, know if there are reasons besides low sex drive that possibly explain this.

Knowing the other possibilities matter because a low sex life may mean one of you is being satisfied sexually outside the marriage or that one of you prefers sex with a same gendered partner.

If you've ruled out these possibilities, and you are satisfied with your emotional and financial life in the relationship, then a low sex drive may simply be the norm for the two of you.

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